Country of Origin: United States

History: The Australian Shepherd arrived in the United States by the late 19th century where the dog's qualities became recognized by local ranchers, who used the dogs to work cattle, sheep and other livestock. The North American Miniature Australian Shepherd was developed in 1968, when two small Australian Shepherds were bred. They were a scaled down version of the Australian Shepherd. The goal when producing the Miniature Australian Shepherd was to develop a small herder and guardian who had the qualities of the larger Australian Shepherd but was smaller in size.  

Toy Average Height: 14 inches and under 
Toy Average Weight: 6 to 23lbs, depending on bone structure and size.

Miniature Average Height: 14 inches to 17 inches 
Miniature Average Weight: 15-35 lbs, depending on bone structure and size.

Colors: Blue merle, black, red merle and red - all with or without white markings and/or tan (copper) points. 

Coat: Hair is of medium texture, straight to wavy, weather resistant and of medium length. The undercoat varies in quantity with variations in climate. There is a moderate mane and frill, more pronounced in dogs than in bitches. 

Character:  The Toy Australian Shepherd will be shown in the Herding group, but as a household pet they might never cross paths with a farm animal. Nevertheless, instinct prompts many of these dogs to gently herd their owners. In general, these intelligent dogs make excellent companions and respond beautifully to training. They are good-natured and even-tempered; may initially be reserved with strangers yet make a very loyal companion. The Toy Aussie is an active dog with a happy and even disposition, good-natured, seldom quarrelsome and responds with enthusiasm to the challenge and responsibility of having a job to perform. 

 Temperament: The Toy Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, active dog with an even disposition; he is good-natured, seldom quarrelsome, highly trainable, versatile family dogs and companion. He may be somewhat reserved in initial meetings and many have a tendency to grin, usually accompanied with a body wiggle and squinting of the eyes.

With Children: Yes, gentle with children. 
With Pets: Yes, good with other pets. 
Special Skills: Working dog and family pet.

Watchdog: High 

Guard-dog: Medium

Care and Exercise: Regular brushing once or twice a week will help to minimize shedding of the North American Miniature Australian Shepherds coat and keep the skin and coat healthy. As with any herding dog exercise is essentially to maintain a healthy, well-balanced dog. 

Training: A intelligent breed they enjoy obedience training. Early socialization is a must. 

Learning Rate and intelligence level: High

Pearl just hanging out....

Sam and Sandy doing what Sandy likes best....

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